Volunteering at Maplewood!

We Need You to Make Maplewood Great!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our School. Volunteering your time allows our teachers and administrators to focus more time on educating children, and also allows the PTA to create wonderful out-of-school time activities that bring our community together and broaden our student’s experience opportunities.

There are many ways to get involved in the Maplewood community: mentoring and tutoring students, helping with events, taking on leadership roles, beautifying campus grounds, fundraising, advocacy, communications, health and fitness, food pantry, office help and much more!

Background Checks for On-Campus Volunteers

Austin Partners in Education (APIE) requires an annual background check for all volunteers who work alone with students such as mentoring and tutoring without faculty or staff supervision. It is preferred that anyone who is volunteering in a location regularly (library, classroom, office) to register with APIE for their annual background check.

Steps To APIE Background Check

  1. Go to www.austinpartners.org
  2. Click on the blue-round Volunteer button
  3. Then click on the round School-Based Volunteer button
  4. Skip the donation and click on link to continue to registration without donation
  5. Select Maplewood Elementary thru drop-down menu
  6. Select volunteer opportunity, fill out information and submit

For more information on  background checks, contact the school administration.  For more information about how to volunteer, contact PTA Presidents at president@maplewoodelementary.com