PTA - Parent Teacher Association

What does the Maplewood Parent Teacher Association do?

The Maplewood Parent Teacher Association helps to support the students, families and staff of Maplewood Elementary through social events, community service initiatives, and fundraising.

If you are interested in serving on the board or joining a committee email president@maplewoodelementary.com

What is My School Anywhere?

During the 2016-2017 school year, The Maplewood Elementary School PTA did an extensive evaluation of several web-based solutions to help improve our electronic management of PTA membership and family directory information.

We found MySchoolAnywhere, which not only does all of the above, but also allows us to coordinate volunteer opportunities, handle donations, and deliver room parent communications to Maplewood families.

2018-2019 Maplewood PTA Board Members

President: Stephanie Perrone

First Vice President: Amber Welsh

Second Vice President: TBD

President-Elect: TBD

First Vice President-Elect: TBD

Treasurer: Bryan Baugher

Secretary: Kim Luci

Parliamentarian: Nathan Lynch

Parent Representatives: Candace Hunter, Erin Dooner, Milissa Gravois, Amanda Braziel

Principal: Vickie Jacobson

Teacher Representative(s): Jennifer Becker, Mary Beth Metcalf

Communications: Elizabeth McQueen

Social Media Communication: Jennifer Potter Miller

Spirit Fundraising: Jennifer Potter Miller

Sponsorship: Lila Valencia

Teacher Appreciation: Jerretta Baugher, Sara Montoya

Membership: Jackson Knowles, Karen Latta

Directory Sales/Sponsorship: Courtney Jepson

Directory Project Manager: Billie Jo Elbom

Fall Fest: TBD

Spring Fling: TBD

Mustang Stampede: Susan and Geoff Ford, Torie Camp

Parent Prom: Elizabeth McQueen

Outdoor Experiential Resource Coordinator: Periwinkle Schuster

Landscaping: Jennifer Potter Miller

General Meeting Coordinator: TBD

Grantwriting: TBD

Volunteer Coordinator: TBD

PTA Advocacy/ACPTA Representative: TBD

Room Parent Coordinators: Jerretta Baugher, Sara Montoya

Publicity: Heather Wagner Reed

Newsletter: Milissa Gravois, Karen Latta, Erin Calver

Website: Amanda Braziel, Ben Porter, Alejandra Porter, Milissa Gravois, Stephanie Perrone

Graphic Designer: Alejandra Porter

Food Pantry: Rachel Lester

My School Anywhere Administrator: Grant Fisher, Anne Goshorn

Wednesday Folders: Rachel Lester