Mustang Fun Run & Fall Fest

2019 Mustang Fun Run and Fall Fest

November 2, Maplewood Elementary

Want to see Principal Jacobson and Assistant Principal Conley dressed up like Mustangs? We do, too! Help Maplewood reach our $30,000 fundraising goal, and we’ll all get to see it! Then saddle up for the Annual Maplewood Mustangs Fun Run and Fall Fest on Saturday, November 2nd to celebrate our success! Run, walk, or stroll your way through the 1-mile course then join us immediately after the run for free food, activities, and games at the Fall Fest!

What Are We Raising Money For? 

The Mustang Fun Run and Fall Fest is Maplewood’s largest annual fundraiser raising almost half of the PTA’s budget.  With so much energy and attention focused on potential school changes, we can’t forget the learning and love that is happening at our school every day, right now.  Teachers and students need our support to make sure the following items happen THIS YEAR: 

    • $12,000 for Grade Level & Special Areas Funds: $1,000 to each grade and specials area (PK-5, Special Education classes, art, music and PE classes) for projects of their choosing. Teachers are using money for classroom libraries, class pets, trips to Pioneer Farms, bringing a Mariachi duo to campus, magnetic easels, rugs for story time, and magazine subscriptions. 
    • $7,400 for a Part-Time Reading Tutor: additional support for kids that need more individual instruction but who do not qualify for a district-funded program. 
    • $3,500 for Library & Maker Support Staff: support staff to bring additional programing to the campus for the library and Makerspace. 
    • $3,500 for Creative Learning Initiatives: for every student to have at least two experiences with community arts organizations every year. Experiences might include: field trips to a museum or performance, a single workshop, or a multi-visit residency with Creative Action, ZACH Theatre, Scottish Rite Theatre, Paramount Story Wranglers, or Ballet Austin. 
    • $2,500 for Food Pantry & Family Support: to purchase snacks for hungry kids and basic needs items for families in crisis (food, shoes, clothing). 
    • $2,000 for Student Scholarships: so EVERY 5th grade student can attend Outdoor School, a 2-night annual tradition for Maplewood 5th graders.

Creating a fundraising page is easy, fun, and just takes a couple of minutes!

  1. Click on your team button below (based on your teacher).
  2. Put your child’s name in the form so we know what child to give credit to! Personalize your student’s fundraising page with a cute picture and note to family and friends. The title can be “(student name) for Maplewood Elementary” and say something like “Each year my school relies on outside funding to provide much needed supplies, field trips, reading support and more. Will you help me support my great school?”  
  3. Choose your fundraising goal. We suggest $75 or more.
  4. Send the link to friends, family, and post on Facebook.
  5. Watch the pledge meter blast to the top!

The team that raises the most will get 30 minutes of free time in the gym!  

Van Nort


  • Raise $25 = Receive 10 teacher experience raffle tickets
  • Raise $100 = Receive 10 more teacher experience raffle tickets
  • Raise $200 = Receive 20 more teacher experience raffle tickets
  • Run in the Fun Run = Receive 10 teacher experience raffle tickets

What’s the teacher experience raffle?  Every year, teachers and staff at Maplewood donate the valuable gift of time outside of school for an ‘experience’ with a student.  Examples of experiences might be a trip to a museum, hiking, yogurt shops, crafting, etc. These experiences are raffled off each year in conjunction with the Mustang Fun Run and Fall Fest.  

Students may enter the raffle with raffle tickets earned through fundraising, running in the Fun Run or with Mustang bucks.

Raffle boxes for each teacher experience are set up in the hall outside the office between October 15 and November 2nd. Raffle boxes will be outside during the Fun Run and Fall Fest.  

The raffle drawing will be held during morning assembly on Friday, November 8th.  

The Event

November 2, Maplewood Elementary

9 am:  Fun Run

10 am – noon: Fall Fest

The Fun Run is a 1-mile course starting and ending at Maplewood. Families are welcome to run, jog, or walk the course with other Maplewood families.  Each year around 200 kids cross the finish line and receive a medal.  

Fall Fest is a free event after the Fun Run on the school grounds of Maplewood. Fun activities and games include the haunted portable, scaraoke, climbing wall, inflatable obstacle course, pumpkin painting, spooky salon, fishing in the black lagoon, needle in the haystack and more.

Free food and snacks, including BBQ sandwiches from Pok-E-Jo’s and cheese pizza, will be available.  Casey’s Snoballs will be available for purchase. Water will be available, but bring a reusable container to help keep Maplewood green. 

This welcoming event is for the whole community.  Join us and bring friends and family along! You do not need to raise funds or run in the fun run to join us at the Fall Fest.

Help the Fun Run and Fall Fest go off without a hitch! Email to volunteer. 

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, 

Jerretta, Sara, Erin, and Torie

Your Mustang Fun Run, Fall Fest and teacher experience planning team