In response to questions we’ve received, we have compiled a list of helpful resources to enable family preparations for the new school year.

Is my student registered?

If you registered online, your student should now show up in Parent Cloud. Online registration is done through

For those who didn’t register online, please go to the school campus any week day (9AM – 11AM or 1PM – 3PM). You can request curbside registration by texting 512-856-1488 upon arrival. If you wish to enter the building to speak with Ms. Alma Cepeda-Velasco, our attendance clerk/ registrar, please honor her request to wear a mask, bring your own pen, and limit the number of people you bring with you.

How will I access my student’s classwork?

1. Be sure you’ve signed up for Parent Cloud.

2. Upon logging in to your Parent Cloud account, you’ll click on BLEND (shown on the main dashboard).

Coursework and communications will be shared by teachers, through BLEND. If teachers are asking for additional student account logins (e.g. Zoom, Google Docs), this will be shared and linked through BLEND (so that BLEND will be your “single source of truth” for your child’s classwork.)

How do I receive communications about the school year?

Maplewood teachers and administration will be sending out communications via email, and as needed, via a “Robocall.” Use the Parent Cloud to ensure that your child’s family contact information is accurate, so you won’t miss any robocalls or emails directly from the campus. To opt into additional streams of communication:

1. Stay tuned for news about signing up for Membership Toolkit – the system used by PTA to share announcements, newsletters, calls for volunteers, and donation requests. (More on this as registration and classes are finalized.)

2. Join our Maplewood Community Facebook Group.

3. Signup with AISD to receive their Summer Vision emails and notifications.

What supplies should I purchase?

Most teachers are recommending to wait until they provide you an updated list of supplies to make purchases. With the majority of families going virtual, there will be modifications but if you want a general idea of what is needed you can check out the Parent School Supplies section of this site.

If you purchased Sprouts Supplies for the 2020/21 school year, please check out the Parent School Supplies for updates.

How do I request technology resources (like devices and WiFi)?

There are two ways to submit these requests:

1. Request via a paper form by contacting or visiting the school.

2. Log into and search for “Technology Distribution” to pull up the form. Complete the form to submit your request.

Technology will be distributed by the school campus, so stay tuned for communications after submitting your request to find out when/ where/ how to pick up.

Due to worldwide shortages, Austin ISD is seeing some delays in receiving Chromebooks and iPads for students. Families who would like to return their Austin ISD Chromebook or iPad and use a personal device instead can do so at our Computer Curbside locations. Doing so is entirely optional, but could help a fellow Austin ISD family that needs immediate access to technology. Please check for Computer Curbside dates, times and locations.

How can I get additional questions answered?

You can reach out to our Maplewood Elementary administration by emailing Principal Vickie Jacobson at vickie.jacobson@austinisd.or, Assistant Principal Renee Conley at or by calling the school’s main phone number: 512-414-4402.

Should I start a learning pod now or wait until later?

Socialization can occur when you create “pods” of students who can socialize and work together on their remote learning.  This can help some parents who are worried about student engagement and rigorous learning, but don’t feel equipped to be a “teacher.” 

HOWEVER, we cannot place students who are in pods in the same classroom.  Classes have been made, and adjustments may need to be made later, depending on which families decide to return face-to-face when we are able to do so, and which decide to continue with remote learning, which is a choice they have.

For younger children, how do I get them engaged in the online lessons?

As far as engagement for young students, as well as older ones, and ones with ADHD, and special needs, etc. – part of the training that teachers are receiving this week and next, includes numerous strategies for ways to engage students online, including grouping activities and other active engagement with peers.  These are in the form of SeeSaw groups and “break-out rooms” that allow for discussion with peers, as well as returning to a large group discussion.  This is part of the reason we are asking for more time for training and preparation for online lesson. In addition, there is a LARGE social-emotional component built into the beginning of each day and throughout the online lessons.  I think parents will be pleased with how much SEL is included into lessons in each subject.

For children in SPED, how will my child receive their additional support and interventions and how will accommodations work?

Small group instruction and support will occur during regular lesson where the special education support staff will sit in on the lesson being taught by classroom teacher, and can do small group break out sessions for additional support.  Special education staff will work with parents to determine the number of check-ins, small group lessons, and social skills support.  Basically, right now districts are waiting for more guidance from TEA, but AISD is preparing to revise Individual Educational Plans at the beginning of the year, as needed.

How do I make sure my child is learning the material?

Unlike in the Spring, teachers will be teaching lessons in every subject, and will be taking grades as usual on each subject.  Parent will be able to check on progress through BLEND (and SeeSaw in preK-2nd grades) which will be the platform used for ALL grades (PreK-12th) this year.  Additionally, parents will receive mid-nine weeks progress reports for students who are struggling.  Small group lessons and interventions will be provided for students who are struggling with remote lesson.  There will be videos that students can review and work that will turned in and evaluated by teachers each week for each subject.  Teachers will have “office hours” where parents can reach out for discussions and check-ins about progress concerns.  Our goal is to have 100% of our students working on grade level. 

Will my student get a Chromebook?

New students in grades 3-5 will get a Chromebook.  All 3rd graders who request one will receive one because they did not receive devices last school year.  It looks like we will be able to distribute these from Maplewood at the beginning of this year.  Students in grades PK – 2nd who need a device will receive and iPad.  Again, we will distribute these from the school. 

Will my student get a Chromebook if I don’t register until curbside registration? 

Yes, but it may not be on the same day as students who are already registered.  An effort will be made to ensure that special education students and those on free/reduced lunch receive their devices ASAP.

For PTA, how can we help with registration and distribution if adults are not allowed on campus?

A very LIMITED number of people MAY be able to help with supply distribution (SPROUTS supplies and the extras the Ms. Jepson is putting together).  Of course, the main objective is to limit contacts with employees and essential workers and the public. It may be that we need “volunteers” who can deliver the sprouts supplies or other needs to families who have other special circumstances.