Maplewood Selected as a Social-Emotional Learning “SEED” Campus!

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For the second year in a row, Maplewood Elementary has been designated as a
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) “SEED” model campus. In order to gain this distinction,
campuses develop long-term and short-term goals around four development areas:
empowering campus leadership, coordination with family and community partners,
coordination with climate and pedagogy, and explicit SEL instruction. As a SEED
model campus, Maplewood has agreed to support other AISD campuses in their
journey to SEL integration into school culture and systems.

The social-emotional learning curriculum, Second Step, implemented at Maplewood,
assists our students in developing calming strategies and problem-solving skills.
You may hear your child talk about the Peace Path or the Cool Down area in their
classroom. Each classroom, including special area classes, have a Peace Corner or
Cool Down spot where students can go when they need time to calm themselves or
need a quiet thinking space. This area usually has a basket with squishy toys,
stuffed animals, and other calming items. Often, the peace corner can help a student
calm their body and be ready to refocus on learning. The Peace Path provides a
step-by-step process for resolving conflicts with peers. Students are provided with
a series of questions that allow them to think about feelings, and talk through the
problem. Use of both the Peace Path and the Cool Down areas are modeled by the
classroom teacher so that students know how and when to use them.

Parents who have attended our Morning Assembly may have noticed that Mondays
are “mindfulness Monday.” During the assembly, students with our “No Place for
Hate” teams remind students of our SEL word for the week. This month we are
focusing on showing care and concern for others, or being compassionate. Other
words for focus are respectful, responsible, friendly, calm, self-aware, peaceful, and
empathetic. Then students participate in a Go Noodle video that provides a specific
strategy they can use when excited, upset, or sad. Practicing these strategies
together on a regular basis helps students remember to use the strategy when they
need it.

Be sure to read the Second Step Parent “Homelinks” sent home monthly by our
fabulous counselor, Ms. Kelli Kirk, for more information about how we help our
students to handle social and emotional skills. And, be looking for an upcoming
“Only One You” rock painting project, a No Place for Hate activity, where each
student at Maplewood will be designing and painting their own unique and
individual rock to add to a display showing our individuality and uniqueness.

Maplewood sign: beauty and strength in diversity
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