Maplewood Science Fair Starts January 28


The Maplewood Science Fair kicks of on January 28!

Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade: Encouraged to participate

3rd-6th  grade: Option to choose an individual/small group project OR participate in the whole class project

The goals of the Maplewood Science Fair are to

  • Give students (K-6) an extracurricular opportunity to gain experience using varied resources, technology, and hands-on methods to investigate scientific phenomena and present their findings to an audience.
  • Give students in 3rd -6th grade an opportunity to progress to the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival and participate in this city-wide event.**
  • Encourage a love of science!

Maplewood Science Fair Timeline

Monday, January 28         Projects due to classrooms to be evaluated by teachers

Tuesday, January 29          Science Fair Projects displayed in hallways

Wednesday, January 30    Judging of Science Fair Finalists in 3rd-6th*

Thursday, January 31        Science Fair Exhibition (self-guided) until 6PM

Friday, February 1              Projects must be taken home this afternoon

*Parents/Community Members – If you have an interest in science, are available during the day on Jan. 30, and would like to volunteer to help select the 3rd-6th grade projects that will advance to the regional science fair, contact our librarian at Amanda.Braziel@austinisd.org or (512) 841-0247.

**Maplewood Science Fair winners in 3rd-6th grades have the opportunity to advance to the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival.  All information about the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival can be found here: http://www.sciencefest.org/ or email sciencefest@austinenergy.com .

In keeping with Austin Regional Science Fair practice, every student who enters an individual or small group project will place in either the White, Red, or Blue category.

The top 12, 3rd – 6th grade projects in the Blue category will be selected to advance to the Austin Regional Science Fair.

Maplewood Science Fair Project Hints

Trusted Science Fair Project Ideas & “How To” Links

Science Buddies

Discovery Education

Try Science (actually try some of the projects online!)

Ciencia Loca ** Spanish

Try Science en español ** Spanish

Tips for Families

A parent/guardian’s role in the Science Fair project

  • Help your child select a project that you feel is appropriate for her/his age level.
  • Help your child, but do not do the thinking and display board for your child.  Do ask questions to help extend your child’s thinking.
  • Be a sounding board as your child refines the question, hypothesis, classification scheme, explanations, or/and conclusion; ask probing questions to help him/her think through ideas.
  • Help your child plan and manage the overall project timeline, as well as designate work and cleanup times.
  • Make sure your child is able to do the necessary research.  Help identify accurate, high quality reference sources and keep track of references to display on project (see librarian for help).
  • Purchase or procure the supplies your child will need to complete the project, including a display board.
  • Give your child guidance in how to present a neat, tidy project and display board.
  • Assist with technical work such as construction, photography, or even drawing straight lines.
  • Listen to your child’s discussions about the project.  Have her/him present the project to you. Though often challenging, fair projects can and should be fun, too, with sufficient planning.


The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival will be held on February 23, 2019

*** In order to be considered for the Regional Science Fair, 3rd through 6th Grade students MUST follow the guidelines posted HERE.

Austin Energy Regional Science Fair 2019

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