Maplewood Plants New Orchard

Treevolution planting @ Maplewood

Maplewood Elementary students planted a new orchard at the school this spring!  The orchard is located between the building, the playground, and the portables along Ashwood Rd., and includes two fig trees, three plum trees,  two mulberries, a pomengranite, an olive and a pecan. Students planted all the trees on two days in the last month with the support of the PTA gardening and landscaping crew and The Treevolution.

The 5th grade Positive Action Group partnered with The Treevolution to plant the first five trees  on February 28. The students met with Treevolution creator Lev Freedman to talk about the organizations mission-to plant as many trees as possible, and to preserve and expand the existing rain forests.  Lev explained to this environmentally concerned group that it can be daunting to try to address all of the struggles that our planet is currently facing, but planting trees is one small thing that we can easily do, and the positive effects are exponential.  Other Treevolution staff members dug holes outside, then the students went outdoors to plant and mulch the trees.

On March 7, several parents worked with three classes during recess to add another five trees to the orchard. The kids loved seeing the root balls, watering the trees, and of course getting their hands dirty! We have organized a watering brigade to care for the trees over the next year, and would love our community to lend a hand! Email Jennifer Potter-Miller to sign up for a watering shift, or visit pick some  dates on our calendar.

Planting with The Treevolution

Planting with Maplewood parents

Maplewood Orchard, March 2018


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