Per the Austin ISD webite, “District curriculum is grounded in the implementation and integration of three primary initiatives: whole child (Social and Emotional Learning, Creative Learning Initiative, cultural inclusiveness, coordinated school health), literacy, and the transformative use of technology.” For subject- or grade level-specific curriculum information and resources, please visit AISD’s Academics site or the Texas Education Agency’s academics site. You may also log in to the AISD Parent Cloud to view curriculum resources.

CLI (Creative Learning Initiative)

Maplewood was one of the first AISD schools to pilot the Creative Learning Initiative, which includes Drama Based Instruction and other fine arts integrations into the regular curriculum. The Creative Learning Initiative seeks to provide a quality arts-rich education for each and every child in Austin ISD, as well as professional development and ongoing support for teachers in arts-based instruction strategies through the collaborative support between Austin ISD, the City of Austin, MINDPOP, local artists, businesses, and philanthropic organizations.

For more information on CLI, please visit the district’s Fine Arts website.

Social Emotional Learning

Maplewood and Austin ISD understand the critical importance of our students’ and staff’s social and emotional development and well-being. Our approach to developing the “Whole Child” is multi-faceted and includes components such as: weekly social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons and home links; a miminum of 30 minutes of recess for every elementary student every day; morning meetings in the classroom; Increase-the-Peace daily peacemaker awards; twice-monthly classroom guidance lessons with Ms. Kelli Kirk, our school counselor; special PeaceFests every 9 weeks; and campus-wide “No Place for Hate” activities.

Many of our teachers have attended TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) trainings, and our entire teaching faculty has been trained in techniques from the Trauma-Informed Classrooms program, which helps us understand that “children from ‘hard places’ have changes in their brains, bodies, and behavior.  They must feel safe in order to access their whole brain so that it is responsive for learning.”  During summer institutes and professional development days, our teaching staff learned strategies to disarm fear, optimize learning, and facilitate healing for vulnerable children so we are better equipped to meet the needs of all children in our care.

At Maplewood, we use the research-backed Second Step SEL curriculum at every grade level, and under Ms. Kirk’s guidance, our campus has been designated as a “No Place for Hate” campus by the Anti-Defamation League since 2013. For more information and resources, visit the Anti-Defamation League of Austin’s NPfH site.

Our campus SEL Specialist is Angela Bailey / (512) 414-9744 /
Angela taught First Grade and SCORES / Special Education for eight years at Boone Elementary. In her position as a SCORES/ Special Education teacher, Angela taught explicit social and emotional skills to students with an educational designation of Autism or Emotional Disturbance. She joined the SEL Department in July, 2013, and is the McCallum Vertical Team elementary specialist. Maplewood is part of the McCallum Vertical Team.

More information and resources for parents can be found at AISD’s SEL site or at the CASEL Second Step site.

Power Skills for the 21st Century

We are preparing our students for careers and life situations that don’t even exist yet in our society. We have a duty to help children develop Power Skills such as: collaboration, communication, connection, creativity, critical thinking, and cultural proficiency as well as develop technological proficiency and excellent digital citizenship.