Mustang Fun Run and Fall Fest Thank Yous


This year’s Mustang Fun Run, Fall Fest and Fall Fundraiser were huge successes and we literally could not have done it without the many individuals who donated their time and energy.  

Our heartfelt thank you to:

Mr. Perkins and Junior for spending their Saturday at the school keeping everything clean, safe and orderly. 

Maplewood teachers and staff who ran the Fun Run and spent their Saturday at their work home.  

Maplewood teachers and staff for handing out pedometers, raffle tickets and generally being gracious about the frenzy of announcements and activities during the 3 week fundraising period. 

Maplewood teachers and staff who donated their time and energy for the teacher experience raffle.  Ms. Custard, Ms. Cervantes, Principal Jacobson, Mr. Alanis, Ms. Dance, Ms. Metcalf, Ms. Gieb, Mr. Castanon, Assistant Principal Conley, Coach L-A, Ms. Baker, Ms. Hill, Ms. Huffman, Ms. Becker, and Ms. Salazar. 

All the students and parents who volunteered to set up, run a booth or clean up the Fun Run and Fall Fest.  Amber, Parker, Evan, Susan, Amy, David, Lila, Michael, Angela, Daniel, Adam, Stephanie, Diane, Koonj, Kevin, Karen & Molly, Anne, Laurie and Oliver, Staci, Linda, Kat, Courtney, Amy W and Lily, Shelby, Rachel & Emmylou, Jonathon, Victoria, Ashley, Kim, Jamie, Claire, Sharane, Melissa, Gordon, Suzie, Marilyn, Kerri, Michelle, Matthew, Gilian, Johnnie,  Anita, Courtney J, Shannon, Suzanne, Erin, Jennifer, Beth, Erica, Sarah, Melissa, Cerece, Neal, May, Ignacio, Andrew, Kristin, Kristi, Melissa M, Gordon, Mandi, Amanda, Preeti, Kayti, Carrie, Kim L, Eimly, Katy, Kathleen, Christine, Donna, Anne G, Rachel M, and everyone else who just helped because we needed it, before, during and after.

Coach L-A for laying out and marking the Fun Run course EARLY on Saturday morning,for leading a dance party after the run AND for using her planning time to give the classes on the winning yellow team free time in the gym. 

Mr. Hutson for allowing his lovely music room to be turned into the spookiest Haunted Music Room ever and for setting up music the day of the event.

Amy Cottengaim for superbly coordinating volunteers at the Fun Run and Fall Fest making sure that all booths were supervised and that no one (hopefully) was left running a booth for too long. 

Jennifer Davies for creating and posting names to our star wall of donors every day for 3 weeks.

Lila Valencia, Billie Jo Elbom and Courtney Jepson for reaching out and coordinating with sponsors.

Monarch Food Mart for donating ice.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse for keeping early morning volunteers and attendees caffeinated. 

Amber and Stephanie, our amazingly supportive and awesome PTA Co-Presidents. 

Ms. Alma for matching students with teachers so we could get raffle tickets to the right place. 

Poke-e-Jo’s for donating 275 bbq sandwiches and lemonade. 

Austin Pearls and Dental Smiles for sponsoring our school and participating in the Fall Fest.

Casey’s for selling snowballs and donating a percentage of their sales to the school.

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment for offering a discount for the amazing inflatables.

UT Lonestars volunteers for running the Spooky Salon for the entire Fall Fest. 

Lilly and Nikki (parents) who provided their beautiful face painting skills to the Spooky Salon.

Erin Calver for coordinating the teacher experience raffle. 

Erin Jones for supporting the many emails and communications. 

Melissa Gravois for patiently getting event information up (and edited!) on 

O Henry Middle School for loaning us their mustang mascot. 

Susan & Geoff Ford for running the fundraising website behind the scenes.

Amanda Braziel for use of Makerspace supplies for Fall Fest crafting activities. 

Principal Jacobson and Assistant Principal Conley for being good sports and wearing Mustang and Unicorn costumes during morning assembly. 

All the many supporters who made donations to support our school. 

All of the amazing Maplewood Mustangs who were wonderful listeners, active participants, encouraged their Mustang friends, team players, supporters, runners, and overall ridiculously cool and wonderful kids.

With many thanks, Jerretta Baugher, Sara Montoya and Torie Camp.

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