Helpful Information in Preparation for Heading Back-to-School!


Hey, Mustangs! Welcome (back) to the Maplewood Community – and if you’re new to our family, we’re so happy to have you here! This week, there’s a lot of excitement as Maplewood Faculty & Staff are busy preparing to greet your kiddos – and families are wondering, “What do I need to know, and what do I do??!!”

Have no fear – we’re here to help guide you through these first few weeks – and beyond! Here is a list of important information for you to know for this week and in preparation for the first day at Maplewood.

When does school start?
The first day of school for AISD is Tuesday, August 20th.  (See calendar for other important dates – hint: you can download the Google calendar so it’s always handy!). Our school days run from 7:45 AM – 2:57 PM. Please have your student at school by 7:40 to avoid being tardy!

Who’s our teacher?
Some teachers will personally call the families of their incoming students, welcoming them to their classroom and inviting them to Meet the Teacher night (Friday, Aug. 16th 4-5 PM). For those who are not able to call, families can expect to see a grade- and classroom-level roster posted prominently on the Maplewood campus for Meet the Teacher (usually on the front doors).

What about supplies?
If you have pre-ordered supplies through Sprouts, you can pick them up on the stage in the cafeteria at the Meet-the-teacher event (please pick up your box first and deliver it to your classroom). If you purchased your school supplies, please bring them with you to Meet the Teacher night. The school supply list can be found here if you need it. If you are unable to attend Meet the Teacher, or do not yet have your supplies, they may also be brought to your student’s classroom on the first day of school.

How do I pay for school lunches?
You can add money to your student’s school lunch account at School Cafe. Students will have a unique, 4-digit PIN assigned to them that they use to pay for breakfasts and lunches in the school cafeteria (don’t worry, if students forget their PINs, the cafeteria staff can look them up by class and name). 

Where do I get more information?
The Maplewood Technology Committee is working hard to ensure that our Maplewood Elementary website serves as the definitive source for all pertinent information for your family’s Maplewood experience. Please consider this your go-to resource. If you can’t find what you’re looking for send us a note at and we’ll add it to our list!

Additionally, the school newsletter, the school calendar and social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter) should provide you with all the information you need.

Maplewood students also receive a weekly “Wednesday Folder” that contains any handouts, flyers, registration and permission forms for your students. Please be sure to check your kiddos’ backpacks every Wednesday to ensure you aren’t missing any important information! (Note: we continue to work towards implementing an electronic folder, but the perfect solution remains elusive (and some things just have to come as paper), but please feel free to submit suggestions if you have any:

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